Monday, July 16, 2012

Dj Boy at Buddha Beer Bar Monday, July 30 for World Music Night


As I was doing my weekly gig at Buddha Beer Bar this past saturday night, James, the owner of Buddha Beer Bar and 181 and Cabrini, and myself were talking about how great, or bad, the current status of music was in. In talking about this, James thought it would be great to start off nights with JUST music from outside the US, which I thought was a novel and very swell idea. So, seeing that the Olympics are 11 days away, why not set off some cool bar parties to celebrate with Washington Heights and Inwood residents, and hopefully beyond, and we could have some truly amazing nights watching the Olympics, drinking amazing beer, eating fantastic food, meeting awesome people, and listening to music that you don't hear on the radio often unless you listen to world radio. So Come on down Monday, July 30th and let's see if we can get this ball rolling! Bring out all your friends and family, if you like them.

10pm is the start time, location is 4476 Broadway, New York, New York 10040 between 191st and 192nd - A train or 1 Train to 19oth or 191st respectively.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Events: Dom P, Will Glass, Alvarez and Dj Boy Performing This Week and More

Today, June 21, 2012 
Make Music New York 1-9pm (Free)
Dom P, along with Will Glass and Alvarez, and Dj Boy will be performing two sets as part of Make Music New York at Word Up Books (4157 Broadway, New York, New York 10033 at 176th Street)
as part of an all day celebration of music in Uptown and all over New York.
The full event is from 1-9pm, but
Dj Boy is scheduled for 7:30pm
and Dom P, along with Will Glass and Luis Alvarez is scheduled for 8:00pm
For all the information on this event please check out this link.


Friday, June 22, 2012
Buddha Beer Bar 10pm-4am (Free) 
Dj Boy will be at is weekly spot, Buddha Beer Bar starting at 10pm and will be djing until 4am (unless bar closes earlier)
Buddha Beer Bar is located at 4476 Broadway between 191st Street and 192nd Street on Broadway. 


Saturday,  June 23, 2012 
Beats Fields Album Launch 6-9pm (Free)
Dom P, Alvarez and Will Glass will be performing at
Will Glass' Beats Fields Albums Release Party!
This will be taking place at Word Up Books (4157 Broadway, New York, New York 10033 at 176th Street) from 6-9pm

Buddha Beer Bar 10pm-4am (Free)
Dj Boy will be at is weekly spot, Buddha Beer Bar starting at 10pm and will be djing until 4am (unless bar closes earlier)
Buddha Beer Bar is located at 4476 Broadway between 191st Street and 192nd Street on Broadway. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dj Boy's Summer In The Heights Screening at Word Up Books

Word Up Books is celebrating it's One Year Anniversary with 10 days of celebration this week and Thursday, June 14, before you head out to Uptown Collective's 2 year anniversary bash, visit the amazing Community Bookshop for a screening of local filmaker Jonathan Ulman's GWB film along with shorts from Juan Bago, Video Void and Music For Daze's very own Art By Dj Boy. The event starts at 7pm at Word Up Books 4157 Broadway (on 176 street)
This Saturday Dj Boy will also be Djing at Word Up Books for it's 1 year anniversary Party 6-9pm!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Call for Artists and Businesses: Summer In The Heights Tour

This summer we are planning an Uptown Tour with Dom P, WillGlass and Alvarez, a small Hip Hop band based out of Washington Heights, Nyc. Check out a video of a recent performance at Word Up Books

The tour will kick off with a free performance at Jackie Robinson Park on May 25th, 2012, and every week we will be performing at different venues in Washington Heights and Inwood. Dj Boy will also be playing music throughout the events. The venues proposed are Buddha Beer Bar, Le Cheile, Word Up Books. There will be one flyer made with all sponsors and venues on it and distributed all over New York City. Other promotional tools will be used like stickers, social media and other online outlets. We are planning of doing this within 5 weeks in the summer, starting in late May and going into June.We are also going to include visual artists in the mix, and we will have one more musical artist at every venue. Artists: If you are an artist, or know an artist that would like to participate whether it be visual or music, please contact me asap with info on how to see or hear their art, and how to contact them. The opening event will include all visual artists showing their work at their tables and they will have an opportunity to sell their stuff. For musicians, we will pick 3 artists to perform at the 3 venues with us on the allotted dates. Visual artists will also be picked to have their work displayed on the day of the performances. Businesses: At every show, all sponsors will be mentioned, and we would like to integrate all venues somehow to work together in the future. This message is also to inquire about how much, if anything, you would be able to contribute in terms of donating food for the kick off event, or sponsoring the tour by giving money for promotional items and food. We are ready to offer you services in return if a bartering system is acceptable. Dj Boy, as a photographer, videographer and dj can offer you one of the services as a trade. He can create a short commercial to be used to promote your business, a photo shoot, or he can play music at any event of your choosing. Feel free to forward this to anyone that may be interested please. Please contact us asap for anything because the sooner we plan this out, the better.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Open Casting Call

Open Casting Call: Washington Heights Short Film, Curiosity by Music For Daze
Auditions will be held at Word Up: Community Bookshop - Libreria Comunitaria at
4157 Broadway (176 street), New York, NY
Friday, March 9th - 9am to 12pm
Sunday March 11th - 9am to 12pm

We are looking for some actors with talent no matter the experience, for a short film that will start production in early 2012.
All latinos
5 teen males
1 teen female
1 35 year old Looking male
2 kids, ages 5-10 (One Younger, One Older)
2 females age 25-35
All actors will need to convey real emotion i.e. sadness, fear, and joy.
We need one more place to shoot if anyone can help. Apartments, small preferred.
Shooting will take place mostly in Washington Heights and where ever interior locations are available.
This is an unpaid gig, but we are available to provide our services for your future endeavors.
Check out for recent works.
Visit to listen to the mixtape that the film will be based on (track - curiosity)
Send resume (if any). Photos, reel, and any pertinent information. Links to facebook and/or myspace only accepted if all information can be found there including resume and reels.
Please bring resumes and headshots if you have any on hand.
Auditions will be recorded for casting purposes.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Word Up Music Cypher ft Dom P

Check out a clip from Word Up's artist showcase that took place November 26th, 2011
With Uptown Rappers Audubon, The Machine, and of course Dom P

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Word Up Books on Remezcla, Dom P featured.

Click to read full article.

Dom P featured on an article about Word Up Books in Washington Heights. Video and Picture by Art by Dj Boy.